Useful Tips for Garage Door Maintenance


Keeping your garage door maintenance and smooth operation in check is not a difficult thing to do. Proper maintenance on a regular basis can help you save a lot of money while ensuring that your garage door operates smoothly and efficiently. We have come up with a couple of tips that can help you maintain your garage door, read on.

Lookout for Dents

You should make sure that the overhead tracks of your garage door do not have any dents and ding that can affect their smooth operation. Ignoring any dents and dings in the tracks can wear off the door panel result resulting in a malfunction of the garage door. You should look for any possible dents on the tracks and in case there are any, you can fix them with the help of a rubber hammer. If the dents are so big that they can’t be repaired that replacing the tracks will be a good idea that will prolong the life of your garage door.

Check the Leveling of the Tracks

If the tracks are not lined up properly with the door, they can never ensure a smooth operation that is why they are supposed to be leveled. You can use a laser level to check if they are straight. They are supposed to be straight and slightly tilt backwards toward the garage. You can correct their position and alignment by loosening the brackets they are held by and then gently tapping them. Once they are in their place, tighten up the brackets and the problem is solved.

Ensure Proper Cleaning of the Tracks

During the their service, the track surface tend to accumulate dirt and debris that causes an uneven rolling of the garage door and also cause dents and dings that are responsible for unbalancing of the door too. Cleaning all the dust and dirt accumulated on the tracks once a year is enough to ensure smooth operation. You can use a brush for the sake of sweeping the debris that result in improper rolling of the door. After cleaning the debris with the brush, make sure that you wash the tracks with the help of a concentrated cleaner and a cloth.

Lubrication of all Moving Parts

Whether it’s a garage door, an automobile or any other machine that consists of moving parts, lubrication is a must to ensure smooth operation and less friction amongst the moving parts that can cause the wearing of their surfaces hence malfunctioning them. In case of garage doors, you can use a dedicated garage door lubrication spray and apply it on the pulleys and tracks to ensure smooth operation. This lubricant can also be used on the rollers as well. As long as you lubricate all the moving parts of the garage door, you can also use a household lubricant to keep all the parts rolling smoothly. You should also look for any rusts and cracks on the garage door that can be repaired without any professional help.

Different Uses for Your Garage

diyddA lot of people use their garages for the sake of parking their cars and storing machines and equipment that are not used on a regular basis. If your garage is not used for such purposes then there are a lot of things that you can do with the current arrangement according to your budge, garage size and the fact that how long you are not going to use the garage for its standard purposes. You can utilize all the precious space offered by your garage for the sake of following arrangements.


If you are looking forward to maintain a specific area for your kids’ activities then a garage that isn’t serving its dedicated purposes can be of a great help. Turning a garage into a playroom can be a great idea because you will not have to worry about your kids making noises that might disturb the neighbors and you wouldn’t have to deal with any mess that they might create.  Below are some tips that can help you turn your garage into a playful fun environment for your kids.

  1. You can cover the garage floor with carpet tiles that can be easily replaced in case of any damage or stains.
  2. Having an insulated garage door and insulated walls will ensure a comfortable indoor temperature.
  3. If there are any metal poles in your garage then you can use padded mats and carpets to wrap them.
  4. You can paint the garage walls and ceilings with bright colors and even animated character to make things more exciting for the kids.
  5. You can use the slat boards fixed on the walls for the sake of hanging bins, chalkboards and easels.
  6. You can let your kids draw with chalks and temporary marker by painting a white section on the wall.

Craft Room

You can use your garage space for the sake of displaying your craft projects and not to mention work on them after turning your garage into a craft room. You can pick from a variety of storage options like slat boards and bins or overhead storage system for the sake of organizing and storing all of your crafted projects and supplies. You can have an epoxy finish on the garage floor which will make it really easy for you to clean it. Your garage turned craft room can feature a large work table as well as a lot of different task lightings as well. You can cover the garage walls with a sheet of cork which can be used for pinning ideas and inspirational material. You can also pin a progress chart on the cork covered wall as well.

You can also use the valuable space offered by a non-working garage for making a home office that you can access anytime of the day. You can also turn your garage into an additional bedroom given the garage door, walls and ceilings are perfectly insulated. A garage can also be used as a great space for home gym.

Storage Ideas for Garages

small-storageA lot of people use their garages for more than just parking the car, it is a place that is sometimes used for the storage of different equipment and machinery, and sometimes it utilized as a play room or a home office. Below are some of the tips that can help you utilize your garage space more efficiently.

  1. If you your garage space is utilized by a lot of heavy and large equipment and items then you should consider storing them overhead. It is a great way to free a lot of valuable space that is otherwise occupied by unnecessary exercise machines and other recreational stuff like bicycles and skies. There are a lot of overhead configuration setting that you can choose from like getting them bolted with the ceilings that can help you store a lot of boxes and other stuff like bicycles and exercise equipment and you can conveniently lower them down or raise them up with the help of a pulley and rope system.
  2. Shelves can be a great and effective option in the garage if you constantly deal with small boxes and items and things that you need to access more often. There are two different types of garage shelves that you can choose from according to your shelving needs. One option is stationary shelves and the other are peg or slat board shelves.

Stationary shelves can be easily bolted on the walls of the garage and they serve and look a lot like bookshelves. After they are installed, they stay in their position and can carry a lot of items that are supposed to be stored permanently or things that come and go like paints and machine oils. You can also manage any sort of small electronic devices, old books, papers, and household tools on these shelves easily.

The good thing about peg or slat board shelves is they can be easily moved around on the wall that allows you to customize your storage space according to your needs and kinds of things that are to be stored at a given moment. Craft items can easily be stored on these shelves, if you work in your garage every now and then, because of the fact that the size and height of these shelves can be changed accordingly. You also get the option to remove shelves and peg boards in order to hand any type of hooks and equipment. Slat and peg boards can also serve a lot of purposes other than shelving. Slat and peg boards are inexpensive and you can use them to store a lot of different types of things like gardening and equipment tools, nails, screws and even power tools with the help of hooks and bins. If you are looking at a garage that features overhead storage and work benches along with the shelves and peg and slat boards, you get to have countless possibilities to store a lot of things to ensure a lot of floor space that can be used for other purposes.

Garage Door Opener Repair Tips


Garage door openers are responsible for making the garage door operations convenient, otherwise every time you want to use the garage door, you would have to open and close the garage door manually. A lot of people not appreciate this modern technology that much but change their perspective once they have to face a garage opener malfunction. In a scenario where you end up with a malfunctioned garage door there are things that you can do to get out of that inconvenient situation.

  1. First of all clean the garage door parts. When you are dealing with any machinery with moving parts, proper cleaning is the most important factor that ensures the smooth functionality and proper maintenance of these parts. Same is the case with a garage door opener. During their service a lot of dirt and sticky lubrications oils tend to accumulate on their surfaces that can cause a malfunction. If you make sure that you clean all of the garage opener parts then a smooth and proper functionality will be a reward. While you’re at it give proper attention to tracks and rollers. You can clean all of these parts using the usual concentrated cleaner that use for other household stuff. You this cleaner to clean all tracks and roller every now and then and your garage opener will never cause any problem.
  2. Keeping in check all the bolts and other hardware used for the installation of your garage door opener also pays off. Due to the constant up and down operation of the garage door opener these bolts can get loose. Dedicate a maintenance weekend once a month and walk along the track of your garage door opener and tighten all the loose bolts that you find with the help of a wrench.
  3. In some scenarios, a garage door opener may require external power to carry out its operations. If you find out that your garage door has stopped working, it is always a good approach to check if the power supply is not broken. It can be the batteries of the remote control as well that might be dead or the power cord that is supposed to supply electricity isn’t plugged in. These are some obvious scenarios that are overlooked sometimes.
  4. The temporary solution for the situation when your garage door has completely malfunctioned and isn’t allowing in access inside or out of the garage then it is time to pull the red cord. This red cord is not hanged for the sake of decoration but an emergency way out of a malfunction situation. Pulling the red cord will result in an immediate opening of the garage door because it disconnects the garage door from the garage opener and lets you drive your car out of the garage to get professional help. It is important to be careful while pulling the cord because garage doors are usually heavy and slam down very fast, so they can result in an injury.