Welcome to Tukes

Tukes provides training, skills development and work experience in real working environments for people who are socially excluded due to mental health problems.

Tukes is our highly innovative employment and training scheme, established in July 2003 to provide training and employment opportunities to people who have little or no previous training, qualifications or work experience due to mental health problems. Tukes aims to enable people to gain new skills, increasing confidence, self-esteem and motivation and counteracting social exclusion within the labour market.

Tukes successfully operates five cafes within the local area, external catering services, external cleaning services, conference facilities, delivery of NHS cleaning and catering contracts, laundry, property maintenance, horticultural services and a second hand shop,

Tukes aims to improve the quality of life for people with mental health problems.

We offer work opportunities in different occupational areas including:

In all of these areas staff, service users (members), volunteers and work placements work side by side. People have the opportunity to be placed in real work settings, to gain confidence and training in preparation for employment.

Tukes offers people a support worker to provide support and advice to help the person maintain good physical and mental health and also work towards their training and employment goals.

Conference Facilities available
Please contact: 01472 342172